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Function of the Oxygen Bar

Our luxurious Italian design Oxygen Bars are suitable for any desired location. We arrive in time to install the oxygen bar on location so that everything is well prepared and ready for your event.

The Oxygen Bars are equipped with concentrators which filter the oxygen out of the available air and raise the amount of oxygen from 23% to 90%. Next to that, the Oxygen Bars come with a wide range of aromas so your guests can choose their own favorite.

Our neatly dressed, professional and well educated staff will let your guests have a unique and memorable experience. In the meantime, guests waiting for their turn will be provided with information about the positive effects of the oxygen and the session to come.

the oxygen bar
the oxygen bar


The Oxygen Bar is available in five different sizes. For small events (up to 30 guests) we recommend the two persons Oxygen Bar. For larger sized events we recommend the Oxygen Bars which facilitate four, six, ten or fourteen guests at the same time. Together with the Oxygen Bar we provide a sufficient number of well educated staff for your event. Obviously Oxygen Bar prices differ per size.

No matter which one you choose, our Oxygen Bars are suitable for nearly any event you could think of.


No matter which Oxygen Bar you choose, our Oxygen Bar is suitable for almost any event.

(Such as; festivals, parties, meetings etc.)

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